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Pricing Coins

How to Price Coins

Supply and demand are major factors in determining the price of a coin. The price drops when stocks of coins cannot be sold at present price levels. In the normal order of things  they normally start to rise again as the market evens itself out. Collectors and investors have a significant say in regulating pricing by supply and demand, but the dealers often have the biggest say
Many pricing tiers exist, retail is the price quoted to collectors and investors from dealers.

Dealers will be charged wholesale rates from other dealers. Published Price Guides give an indication of a coins worth to dealers and investors alike, giving a general wholesale and retail price.

Dealers profit by paying below the odds for a coin, making it difficult for  anyone else to make a profit., Collectors can get much better deals if they bypass the dealer i\entirely and go straight to the wholesaler. There are advantages buying coins thru dealers. For instance they will offer certificates of authenticity and quite often guarantees. They can also be a source of great amounts of knowledge for the beginner

Several other facts contribute to pricing a coin. What the coin is will likely be worth is dependant on a number of issues eg. What the coin is, How new it is and what the coin history is are good indicators of price. Don’t forget the professional grading surfaces that make a big difference also in grading a coin along with scarcity.

Professional advice is always the best way to go when you want your coin valued. Some dealers do this for free if they know that you are looking to sell it. Grading services that are professionally run will charge a small fee to spend time grading your coins.
Research well and then make an informed decision is the best advice for the novice coin collector.

This coupled with a professionals advice will help you ensure the best possible deals for you are realized.

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