Top Tips For Coin Collectors

Detecting Fake Coins

How to detect fake coins

Fake coins can easily be purchased by unsuspecting beginner in coin collection. Always do thorough research beforehand to avoid this pitfall

When you research before buying there are a number of things you will benefit from. Such as a general idea of a price that is fair, Common sense is a great leveler when purchasing coins. Follow your instinct and don’t get caught in a “too good to be true” scenario. Also remember that the person you are buying from may also have been duped in to buying the counterfeit coin

Often time the fakes are easy to spot, especially gold or silver coin fakes when they are put side by side. Good indicators are the grade and if a coin is too shiny.. Replicas often circulate but these are usually easy to spot for the trained eye. Casts are often used for this purpose or a mold. These are the easier ones to spot. Always listen to the noise a coin makes as this is a good indication also.

The hardness of the coin is another great indicator of authenticity. It is very difficult to get the same metallic mix in a fake coin. However always take you coin to reputable dealers to have them authenticated.

Don’t buy coins without a guarantee if possible. This way if it is found to be fake at a later date you can get your money back. It should also come with a certificate of authenticity. Oddly enough some people collect fake coins because of their notoriety.  These are few however and most forgers will only try to forge the most precious coins due to the effort involved and the gains that can be realized. The investment in modern equipment and design would simply be too great to pursue anything less than the top coins on the market to forge.

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