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How to handle Rare and valuable coins (caring for coins)

Collectible coins should always be treated carefully avoiding causing wear to the coin.  Depending on its condition the coin is graded. The higher the grade, the more money it is worth. By handling less, the coin will suffer les wear and will hold its value for longer. Holders, envelopes and pouches are available to coin collectors to help them store coins safely. Don’t remove a coin unless it is absolutely necessary.

Only touch high grade or Proof graded coins on the edge of the coin. Get into this technique to become a serious coin collector. Never handle coins in front of your mouth because of moisture from your breath. Always use a velvet cloth to place coins onto when examining them. White cotton gloves are also used when handling coins by professionals. Never drag a coin as it can cause scratches to appear on the surface of the coin.

Never clean a coin is the mantra of many past and present coin collectors. In fact cleaning often causes more damage than good. Magnifying glasses are often used when inspecting the coins. For this reason cleaning should stop because it more often than not has a negative effect o the campaign. Any small scratches or marks will reduce the value of your coins. If the coin is dirty and needs cleaning don’t hesitate to make sure all of the sides are clean.
Oftentimes a coin will go through a natural process called toning.

Toning is a chemical reaction where atoms on the surface of the coin react with sulfur compounds and cause the coin’s surface to become tarnished.  Unfortunately, the process can not be reverse.  Professionals can put the coin through a dipping process that will strip the molecules from the surface of the coin.  On the other hand, natural toning may increase the value of a coin.

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